Responsible Gaming

Problems with the game?

Recommendations for potentially compulsive gamblers:

We all like to take risks and playing is a pleasure that excites and entertains. For the overwhelming majority of people who like to play in a casino, playing is an exciting and completely harmless experience.
But, in order to be one, this experience can and should only be lived in the spirit of mere entertainment and within the strict limits of one's economic capacity.

Are you a compulsive gambler?

The following questions have been designed in association with the EUROPEAN CASINO ASSOCIATION for players to ask themselves about:

1. Have you ever jeopardized very important relationships, studies, employment or your career because of gambling?
2. When you're on a losing streak, losing consecutively, are you obsessed with trying to recover in successive plays?
3. When you win, do you have an uncontrollable desire to play again to win more?
4. Do you often play until you run out of money?
5. Have you ever lied, stolen or borrowed money to gamble?
6. Do you not hesitate if you ever spend money on other things in the game?
7. Do you usually play longer than you intended to play?
8. Do you usually play to escape problems, disappointments or frustrations?
9. Do you feel depressed or suicidal because of gambling?
10. Have you ever sold any of your assets or others belonging to family members, to gamble or pay gambling debts?

The more positive responses you get, the more likely you are to have a serious problem in your relationship with the game. We advise you to speak with someone about the matter. And the faster, the better.

Steps to take:

1. Reduce or stop gambling while trying to break your gambling addiction.
2. Decode your behavior: do you play because you are bored, stressed or under a lot of pressure?
3. Use a calendar and write down all the days you haven't played to better track the progress of your case.
4. Ask someone you trust to hold your money for a certain period of time es a week or two.
5. With the money you can earn, by not playing, buy yourself a gift.
6. Remember: live one day at a time.

Fix your behavior

1. Be honest with yourself first and then with others.
2. Talk about this problem with someone you trust: a family member, a friend, a counselor, your doctor, or choose to call "gamers anonymous".
3. Talk to the Casino Directors, they will be able to understand and help. Their experience in this activity gives them enough knowledge to advise you.

There are solutions that the Casino can implement to help you break your addiction to gambling:

1. Organize a period of self-interdiction, to be agreed directly with the Casino at the request of the player. After this ban period ends, your case may be reviewed with the Casino Director.
2. Play with cash only or limit the amount you want to play in advance, using only a check or using your debit card once.
3. Ask the Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service in writing, which the Casino Directors can help you formalize.

But above all, take your own responsibility. Running away from problems doesn't solve anything. And remember, the game can and should only be a reason for pleasure and fun. Have fun playing, but please don't go beyond the limits of your ability.