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Try your lucky coin at one of our slot machines.

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More than 700 slot machines await you at Casino Estoril.
The fun is guaranteed through 200 games that can be chosen on our machines with high definition graphics and sound.

In slot machines, the value of a game credit can vary between one cent and two euros, and the variety of games allows for inexperienced and experienced players to be entertained. Add in progressive jackpots and constant surprise prizes, and you have the explanation for the appeal of these games.


Choose your machine.
Plan in advance the amount you want to play on each bet, and accordingly choose the slot machine with the denomination that suits you best. Minimum bet amounts vary between one cent and two euros. Before starting to play, check the machine's payout plan and check which combinations of symbols and bets entitle you to the prizes you want to win.

Never play on a machine whose operation you do not fully understand. Call one of the room's collaborators and express your doubts.

The bet you will place per play is indicated on the machine's display. If it matches what you want to bet, confirm by pressing the “play” button. Whenever you win a prize, the machine adds the value to the credit counter. If the machine you are playing on offers the possibility of doubling the prize won, you can try your luck or receive only what you have won so far.


All Casino Estoril machines accept notes, the value of which is automatically converted into credits, depending on the denomination indicated for each machine. If you have been playing on another machine, you may have a ticket issued by that machine, which will also be accepted by any other slot machine.

If you are a member of CLUBE IN you can accumulate points as you play. Simply insert your free points card into the card reader of the machine you decide to bet on. Each new bet accumulates points that can be converted into prizes. The card also allows you to participate in sweepstakes promoted by CLUBE IN.

Whenever you want to receive the credits accumulated on the machine's counter, press the “receive credits” button. The machine will issue a payment ticket, which can be presented for payment at our cashiers and automatic payment machines, or alternatively, be inserted into another gaming machine to continue playing. In cases where payment by ticket is not possible, a Casino employee will deliver the prize won, suspending, in the meantime, the operation of the machine. 

The quality of service is a priority at Casino Estoril. The two floors that make up the Engine Room have the latest technologies in the area of ​​security and payment of premiums. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask one of our collaborators for help.

Be responsible. Play in moderation. Know the policies of responsible gaming.