Tradition in the form of a game.

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Macau Baccarat is a simple (is it?) and fun game that's played with eight car decks. The player has three options to choose from: bet on the Banker, on the Player or on a Tie. In this game, Aces are worth one point, King, Queen and Jack and 10 are worth zero points, and the remaining cards have their respective face value.


At the beginning of each turn, each Ponto and Banker group is dealt two cards, one at a time and alternately, starting with the Ponto group, which will always be the first to see the cards.

If the Point or Banker score is 8 or 9, it will be announced immediately and no further cards will be dealt.

Otherwise, Ponto will always receive a third card with a score from 0 to 5, and stay (no more cards) with a score of 6 and 7. The third card for the Banker is dealt, or not, depending on the third card. distributed to the Point.

Winning bets played on the Ponto “chance” receive a 1 to 1 ratio. Winning bets played at the Banker also receive a 1 to 1 ratio, but the Casino will deduct 50% from the amount of prizes on each bid won by the group. from the bank with a score of 5.

If the final Point and Banker scores are the same, it is a Tie. Whoever has bet on this chance wins, receiving 8 times the value of the bet played.

The Point Pair or Banker Pair occurs when the two starting cards of one of those groups form a pair: two kings, two fives, etc.
In this case, bets placed on these odds are paid 11 to 1.

A player can simultaneously win this bet and the one placed on the Point, on the Banker or on the Tie, retaining the right to both prizes.

This game gains some suspense with the possibility of players from each group, with a higher stake, seeing the cards, but without moving them away from the table.

In the “Mini” and “Midi” Ponto and Banca tables (7 or 9 seats), the cards are not dealt to the players, but turned over by the dealer; and there are also no “point pair” and “bank pair” odds.

Be responsible. Play in moderation. Know the policies of responsible gaming.