Clube In

Belonging to CLUBE IN is to be an integral part of an exclusive club that gives you advantages in various areas of Casino Estoril. Accumulate points while playing the machines and convert them into offers. Contact the CLUBE IN Desk for more information.

  • Benefits

  • How to use

    How to use


- Free card
- Personalized service

When correctly inserted into the machine you are playing on, it allows you to accumulate points that can be exchanged for:
- Items from our showcases
- Discounts on Bistro
- Credits to play
- Other goods and services, in accordance with current promotions. Consult one of our collaborators.

- Privileged access to the Bistro
- Invitations for special occasions
- Access to our sweepstakes (random selection among machines with a card inserted) and exclusive promotions
- Special offer on your birthday
- 15% off all game bars

How to register and use your CLUBE IN card?

The CLUBE IN card is a free card that can be used for any of the Casino Lisboa vending machines.

To register, just visit us at the CLUBE IN counter, located in the main hall of Casino Lisboa, next to the entrance to the vending machine room on the 0th floor.

To register, you will have to present a valid identification document (Identity Card, Citizen Card, Driver's License, Passport) and the CLUBE IN card will be given to you at the moment, you can use it immediately and enter the world of advantages that CLUBE IN provides you.

The CLUBE IN card is a personal and non-transferable card and must be inserted into the card reader of the machine where you are playing. With each bet made, you accumulate points in the account associated with your card, which are visible on the machine's display. These points can then be exchanged for items and services available in the wide range of CLUBE IN offers.
Inserting the card also gives you access to sweepstakes promoted by CLUBE IN and other gaming campaigns.