Hygiene and Safety Measures

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Safety and Hygiene

Casino Estoril ensures periodic cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, in accordance with the rules defined by the Directorate-General for Health in Guideline 014/2020, of 21/03.

Casino Estoril received the “Clean & Safe Establishment” Seal, after having declared compliance with the Health Regulations contained in the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health and Tourism of Portugal.

Access rules

The accesses are carried out in a spaced way, avoiding simultaneous accesses with proximity between visitors, as well as any agglomerations that do not respect the physical distance in the terms defined by the Directorate-General for Health, using, if necessary, signs on the floor to delimit the spacings;

Hand disinfection in a dispenser placed at the entrance is mandatory. This measure will be supervised by an employee assigned to this activity;

General Rules

Bar and restaurant services comply with the rules contained in Guideline 023/2020, of 8 May, of the Directorate-General for Health;

In the food and beverage areas, the cleaning and disinfection of utensils, equipment and surfaces is reinforced;

ATM terminals (ATMs) are regularly cleaned, with particular emphasis on the contact areas (keyboard) and on the screen, if it is tactile;

The payment terminals in the cashiers (POS) are always cleaned after each use;

Smoking is prohibited in all closed spaces of the Casino, regardless of the type of tobacco, including electronic cigarettes, and the signage is adjusted accordingly, as defined in the rules of Turismo de Portugal.

In the Game Rooms and Machine Rooms, the rules already mentioned regarding the general spaces of the Casino apply, with the necessary adaptations.

Attendees must sanitize and disinfect their hands before using the entrance porches. Verification of identity at the time of entry is carried out by comparing the photograph on the document presented and the visitor's face;

If necessary for identity verification, patrons may be asked to remove the mask after washing their hands, when accessing the game rooms, or in other situations in which this identification must occur;

In boxes and any other service points, protection is carried out with transparent acrylic separators;

In the vicinity of the service points, gaming machines connected and gaming tables in operation, dispensers of alcoholic-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution (70%) are available for use by patrons and workers;

Information/awareness is provided for compliance with physical distancing for visitors and workers; The Chiefs supervise, sensitize and demobilize the group of individuals either next to the stalls and machines or in the circulation areas;

In transactions carried out at cashiers, electronic means of payment should preferably be used, through debit or credit cards, and the concessionaires must provide adequate equipment for this purpose.


Entrance takes place only through the entrance portico located next to the escalators, which also ensures exit;

The machines that are intended to be open to exploitation, and only these, have a chair, and visitors are forbidden to change the respective layout. The chairs corresponding to the turned off machines are removed from the room.


Access to the Game Room is only through the Art Gallery's portico;

The purchase of chips at the gaming tables is not allowed, while the measures to prevent and combat COVID-19 last;

An alcohol-based antiseptic solution or an alcohol-based solution (70%) is available next to each gaming table in operation, for use by patrons and workers.

Game machines

Gaming machines are cleaned regularly, with special emphasis on keys and contact areas, including screens when they are tactile. Cleaning of this equipment always takes place after each use by regulars.


The gaming tables are cleaned on a regular basis, and after each use, with particular emphasis on areas where contact may occur on the part of patrons and banking professionals;

Chairs are also subject to cleaning, which occurs whenever a guest leaves the table;

Cleaning of materials used in playing games, namely balls, dice, chips, rackets, dice cup, cornea and card shufflers, will also be done periodically.




Casino Estoril received the "Clean & Safe Establishment" seal, after having declared compliance with the Health Standards contained in the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health and Tourism of Portugal.